Aston's Way

Involving and educating people on autism.

Aston's Way (in collaboration with Training 2 Care ) is an innovative new venture by Team Avery Essex and Training 2 Care, a company providing high quality training to groups and businesses. We've partnered with Training 2 Care to use their state of the art autism reality experience buses to help educate schools and groups on autism. The buses provide a very eye-opening experience of living with autism, introducing some of the challenges such as sensory overload. Aston then supplements this experience with talks and presentations on the topic.

Team members with the autism reality experience bus

Team members with one of the autism reality experience buses.

We've previously partnered with Essex Police & Fire Service and Woodlands School to provide training days and experiences for the emergency services and students. These days were incredibly well received and all attendees felt they learnt valuable lessons on autism and special educational needs. Read about the emergency services experience here. Aston's ultimate dream is for this training to become mandatory for all emergency service workers.

Team members with Essex Police

Educating Essex police with Aston's Way.

Are you a school or group and interested in booking Aston's Way? Use the form below to submit a booking request. We'll reply back as soon as we can! Please note that there is generally a fee for this service, though sponsorship can be obtained if your need is great. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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