Our Events

Take a look at our past events! Due to current restrictions, new events are postponed temporarily. We hope to bring them back soon!

Bowers Halloween Disco

31st October 2020

Not letting the pandemic get the best of us, we decided to take our planned Halloween Disco online. It was a great success, and we managed to raise £235 for La Danse Fantastique!

This is Me - Briscoe School

12th March 2020

Another great showing of Aston's film, This is Me. The day was educational for all involved and a great opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about autism. Many tears were had!

The Not Valentines Ball

8th Febuary 2020

Just before Valentines Day, we held a ball to allow all of our supporters to get glammed up and enjoy some great food and entertainment. The charities this fundraiser supported were St. Lukes Hospice and autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline. We were entertained by the amazing group Abacus and singers David Smith and Mike Barnard. Dawn Avery read a poem written on autism and Aston gave a very moving speech. The night saw us raise an amazing £3001, split equally between both charities. We were also joined by the lovely Vicky Michelle!

Scarlett's Ball

30th November 2019

Scarlett's Ball was a suprise for many people, including us! The ball was arranged and put together by our wonderful friend Lynne Mohseni and her friends, plus a few team members. The aim was to raise funds for Aston's Pamper Project as a surprise event for us! We had no idea that it was happening until the night! Even the name "Scarlett Kipper" was a fake name she'd set up as a cover. Unti we got there, we had no idea it had all been set up by Lynne! We can't thank her and her friends enough for such a wonderful night, and raising £3000 for Aston's Pamper Project.

United for Charity Football Match

August 2019

Chris Cooper, an avid fan of Team Avery Essex and AnnaKennedyOnline, approached us to work together on a charity football match. We were blessed with the support of Bowers football club to be able to put together a fun day and celebrity football match to raise funds to help the homeless, run by the inspirational Sky Butcher and AnnaKennedyOnline. The day was a huge success, and both charities received an equal split of the proceeds.

Reece's Rainbow Ball

13th July 2019

Team Avery Essex member and firm friend Karen Hawley sadly lost her son Reece to a brain tumour several years ago. Reece's story touched us, as well as many others. His parents determination to continue his legacy led to the birth of the Reece Hawley Foundation. Reece's family fundraise to send young people nearing the end of their lives to build memories with their families. The family work tirelessly for their charity, so we wanted to give them a night to reflect and raise funds to help support Reece's legacy. The event raised an impressive £5428.40 for some incredible people. We are privileged to help them continue their work. Thank you for everything you do.

Thundersley Primary - Charity Fun Day and This is Me Presentation

June 2019

We are happy to introduce honorary member Ruby Avery! When asked to pitch a charity at school, she chose Team Avery as she truly believes in what we do as a team and helping others. We were approached by her school who, through Ruby's wishes, invited Aston to do his This is Me presentation, and DJ on the school field! After quizzing the students on what they learned, we were humbled by their understanding of autism and really felt that this school in particular is willing to get involved and give back to the community!

Bowers SEN Disco

April 2019

The SEN disco was a great night! Designed to allow a chat with some parents we met while at Aston's This is Me presentations and allow their children to have some fun. We raised a great amount of money for Aston's Pamper Project as well!

This is Me - Hariss Academy

March 2019

Team members Mandy and Keith accompanied Aston to the Thurrock based Hariss academy where Aston delivered his inspirational video, This is Me. He received a great reception and the students and staff alike were pleased with the content and understood what we were trying to deliver. Thanks to the academy for having us!

This is Me - Northlands School

January 2019

Aston and his parents went into a local school and met up with some young parents. He treated them to a short chat about himself and how he's overcome so much. He wanted to give some hope to the parents that are unclear of their future in parenting children with Special Educational Needs and giving them a reason to see the positives. It was a hugely successful day and many new friendships were formed.

This is Me - Castledon School

December 2018

What a venue to launch Aston's inspiring film! Castledon was Aston's old school, so it seemed fitting for him to launch his new film here. He also talked to an assembly of students to answer any questions they had. Firm friendships were formed, and the promise of working with Castledon moving forward. Aston, Keith and Dawn stayed on with some of the parents when the students returned to class, and gave them an insight into Astons journey. Thanks to Castledon for a great day!

Aston's Way - Woodlands School

November 2018

Aston's Way (in collaboration with Training 2 Care) saw an Autism Reality bus taken into a local senior school, Woodlands. A number of staff were trained in sensory issues by going through the experience the bus offered. They were also offered a full training session on autism and understanding various techniques to support somebody who has it. A very insightful day for all involved!

Bowers Movie Theme Disco

August 2018

The movie themed Disco was to raise more funds for Joshua's Carriage after Aston's skydive. With a 'Night at the Movies' theme, the night saw everyone dressed as movie characters! Everyone had a great time raising money for an even greater cause.

Joshua's Carriage Skydive

5th August 2018

Aston pulled off an amazing sponsored skydive to raise money for a local boy, Joshua, who has autism, dystonia, and cerebral palsy. The money went towards Joshua's Carriage, which funded an electric wheelchair and accessories for the 6 year old to have a bit more independence, and not have to rely on his mum to push him around in his manual wheelchair. Well done to Aston for doing something so brave!

Aston's Way - Police and Fire Service Training

July 2018

Sadly as a child Aston has a negative experience with the police, which was escalated due to a lack of understanding by the police of Aston's autism and sensory issues. After reflecting on his experience, Aston decided that more understanding was paramount within the emergency services. With the support of his parents and local police inspector Steven Parry, Aston's dreams were realised. Over 100 firefighters and police officers went through the day at Basildon Fire Station and were given the opportunity to experience the Autism Reality Bus, with Aston and his parents giving some presentations on living with autism. Aston's ultimate aim is for all new recruits to be offered this opportunity.

80s Night for Aston's Pamper Project

April 2018

A great fundraising night for Aston's Pamper Project, with a nostalgic 80's dress theme! A great time was had by all. The money raised from this night went to helping deserving people, treating them to a luxurious pamper. If you'd like to find out more, or even nominate someone, click the link!

Charity Football Fun Day with AnnaKennedyOnline

August 2017

An amazing day for all involved. The day saw two football teams face off, Celeb FC and Team AKO (AnnaKennedyOnline). We raised £3000! Thanks so much to Shelia Hunt and her team at Bowers FC, plus the support of Celeb FC alongside performers from Pineapple Performing Arts!

Autistic and Proud Fundraising Party

September 2015

Autistic and Proud was definitely a night to remember. We raised an amazing £2131 for AnnaKennedyOnline, thanks to the amazing people who attended. There was lots of singing and dancing! We really do think the night helped more people to become autism aware.

JJ Night

November 2013

JJ Night was a disco and auction to raise money for two very special local boys, Joshua and Joe. Joshua has celebral palsy, dystonia, and autism, while Joe was on dialysis. The funds raised helped to purchase specially made toys, including a custom built sandpit. It also helped take the children from the dialysis unit Joe was staying at for a day out.